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Who will my neighbors be?

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Mountainair, NM

Elevation - 6520', Population of Mountainair & surrounding area - 2500

The people who are choosing to make their homes in Mountainair are as varied as the country from which they come. They are independent minded with a dream of living farther from the cities and closer to the land. They come to create a home base from which to live their dreams. They want to know their neighbors and be known, to experience a sense of community and isolation at the same time. No longer content with the hectic, stressful life they live in the city, they are seeking peace, quiet, and new opportunity.

They are the new pioneers and the small town of Mountainair, with it's western flavor, is a new frontier. They are from California, Ohio, Texas, New York, Florida, Massachusetts and England. They are from your state, your city. These artists, business people, entrepreneurs and retirees are creating a new and diverse culture. There are no fence-sitters. It takes courage and some daring to settle in a small town without shopping malls and busy streets. But the people that are choosing to live here know that and they treasure the atmosphere that allows them to start a new business, record their own music CD, explore the rich local history, take pictures of sunsets, or just sit and savor the beauty of the land and the pleasure of good company.

Your neighbors in Mountainair are like you. They looked for more quality in life and less crowding. Close as a day-trip to Santa Fe and as far away as pristine mesas and mountains, Mountainair is home to people who have found a lot more quality and a lot less stress.

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