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Show me my life in Mountainair

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Mountainair, NM

Elevation - 6520', Population of Mountainair & surrounding area - 2500

You have energy you didn't know existed as you trade your stressful life spent in traffic and air pollution for the peace and quiet found in a community filled with mountain fresh air.  Mountainair is a new frontier to create the life you've been wanting to live and you discover how creative you really are.

You take an active part in your community and you can see the difference your contribution makes.  You start a business in the central business district based on your interests and talents.  You share skills and ideas with your neighbors and friends.  You get together for pot luck dinners and volunteer for local events.  You have the space and the energy to live the life and be the person you've always known you could be.

And you go shopping and get your city fix in Albuquerque, one hour away.  Movies, museums and the bustle of the city are more fun because you know it's only a brief visit.  Enjoy the best parts and the rest can be left behind when you head home to the mountains.

Adventure is only a weekend trip away at the many enchanting destinations New Mexico has to offer.  From the heart of the state no border is further than 4 hours away.  There's room for inspiration and exploration at 6,500 feet elevation.  In the pure mountain air whatever your mind conceives, your energy achieves.

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